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GLOBAL ALUMINIUM Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in manufacturing high quality Aluminium sections with a capacity of 9600TPA. Global Aluminium is started in 1998 with one 900 M.T press and with gradual expansion at present the company is having 900MT press-2 Nos. and 1620MT Press-1 No. with fully automated PLC control systems. Global Aluminium has around 2000 different shapes and sizes of profiles meeting the various customers' requirement of Architecture, Air Conditioning , Air handling , Agriculture, Defence, Display systems, Electrical, Electronics, Hospital Equipments, Modular Furniture, Motor bodies, Pharma Clean Rooms, Pump bodies, Valves, Tele Communications, Transport, Shelter, Solar Power, Structural, General Engineering and Tailor made special applications of specific requirement etc., Global Aluminium has developed very intricate and sophisticated sections and few of them are beyond the capacity of the extrusion press, successfully.
Global Aluminium is motivated at every stage to achieve and maintaining the highest quality by using
- PLC controlled Extrusion press.
- PLC controlled conveyor system to carry the profile up to the packing bay.
- PLC controlled stretching machine with a capacity of 25T and 40T to remove twists and bends
- Computerised optical emission Spectro Meter to analyse chemical properties at every stage right from casting logs to finished goods
- Electrically heated & air circulated aging oven to achieve uniform desired properties on finished goods.
- And other precession measuring equipments for online inspection at various levels.

GLOBAL ALUMINIUM has exported its products to the countries like Middle ease, UK, USA, Bangladesh etc. Also planning to expand its activities to South Asian Countries and European Countries.

Global Aluminium has been setup with most modern equipment and with latest technology.
Foundry: Global Aluminium has an in house foundry with modern melting furnaces -3 Nos, 
With the latest HOT TOP casting technology with a capacity of 1,20,000 TPA, to achieve highly refined close grained and oxide free logs for superior quality finish and uniform surfaces on the extruded sections which results in achieving the close dimensional tolerance on even intricate sections, best anodizing finish and powder coating process as required for elegance.
Tool Room: Global Aluminium is setup exclusively with fully automated tool room with latest know-how and equipments. The dies are manufactured with latest equipments such as CNC wire cut, EDM, Computerised Jig boring machines CNC milling and various other CNC equipments and precision measuring instruments with CAD-CAM facilities.

Global Aluminium also has own inbuilt designing department and tool room maintenance department for manufacturing and servicing the dies and tools.

Aging Oven: Electrically heated and air circulated aging oven with a maximum length capacity of 7 mtr. long with precise controlled temperature to obtain desired mechanical properties all through the length.

Besides this Global Aluminium has other equipments such as Automated Cutting Saw to achieve precise cut length with neat 90o cutting edges without burs. PLC Controlled Belt Conveyor System: To handle the extruded sections from extrusion press to stretching machine and up to the packing bay to ensure damage free material.


Global Aluminium is capable of manufacturing high quality extrusions in different alloys with thickness as low as of 0.4mm to maximum of 125mm and profile size varying from 4.0mm and can be up to 200mm subject to the alloys and other specifications.
Global Aluminium provides fitting solutions for every conceivable and convincable need in every field, be it Rod, Bars, Tubes, Architectural, Agriculture, Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Modular furniture, Modular false ceiling ,Wall panellng, Modular Kitchen Cabinets, Ornamental Grills, expanded grills, Display systems. Textile, Electrical, Electronics, Automotives, Computers, Solar Energy, Rail Coach, Pharma Clean Room, Shelter, Telecommunications, Transportation, General engineering etc., with an around 2000 varieties of extruded profiles in different alloys say AA6063(63400), AA 6351(64430), 6061(65032) HEIS, E91E(63401) EIE (19501) etc.,
The Extrusions being manufactured in the plant are normally as per Indian Standard 733-1983, 5082-1998, 1285-1975 etc., Apart from this Global Aluminium is also equipped to supply material as per DIN specifications or customer's specification subject to the design constraints.

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AddressGlobal Aluminium Pvt.Ltd., 5-2-196/1, Distillery Road, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad-3,
Phone mob: .




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